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April 2018
The author of the book "Me and My Antenna" Oded Bleiberg granted fellowships to both of our students, Michal Israelashvili and Esther Vinner, to encourage the study of Tourette syndrome. 
February 2019
Esther Vinner gave a talk on her present research regarding "The neural mechanism of motor tic reduction during sleep", at the annual meeting of the Gonda brain center at Kfar-Blum. 
June 2018
Yocheved Loewenstern participated in the OIST Computational Neuroscience Course in Okinawa, Japan. As part of the course she presented her PhD study and the course student project modeling the striatum during motor tic expression.
May 2019
Ayala Matzner‏ and Esther Vinner presented their work at the  poster session of the IBAGS annual meeting in Biarritz, France.
The poster of Ayala focused on "Input dependent encoding of basal ganglia neurons",and Esther presented their findings regarding "The neural mechanism underlying motor tic reduction during sleep".
March 2018
Michal Israelashvili was accepted to the 10th HOPE Meeting with Nobel laureates. Michal met seven Nobel laureates and presented her PhD study in the meeting. 

Latest Publications

Yael, D., Tahary, O., Gurovich, B., Belelovsky, K., & Bar-Gad, I. Disinhibition of the nucleus accumbens leads to macro-scale hyperactivity consisting of micro-scale behavioral segments encoded by striatal activity. The Journal of Neuroscience , 3120–18, 2019.
​Yael D., Vecht JJ., Bar-Gad I., Filter Based Phase Shifts Distort Neuronal Timing Information. eNeuro, 5(2): e0261-17,1–8, 2018.
Oran Y., Bar-Gad I., Loss of balance between striatal feedforward inhibition and corticostriatal excitation leads to tremor. The Journal of Neuroscience, 38(7): 2821–17, 2018.

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