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Katya Belelovsky, Ph.D.

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Yocheved Loewenstern

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Orel Tahari

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Kate Zinkovskaia

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Yuval El-Hanany



Anan Moran

2005-9   Ph.D.   (currently Senior Lecturer, Tel-Aviv University, Israel)  

Neurophysiological properties of the subthalamic nucleus and their relation to their functional organization

Yaara Erez

2005-10   Ph.D.   (currently Senior Lecturer, Bar-Ilan University, Israel) 

Stimulation induced changes in the neuronal activity of the globus pallidus in parkinsonian non-human primates


Maya Bronfeld

2006-11   Ph.D.   (currently Postdoc, Fee lab, MIT, USA)

The neuronal correlates of bicuculline-induced hyperkinetic disorders in the primate cortico-basal ganglia system


Hadass (Czitron) Tischler

2006-12   Ph.D.   (currently Lecturer, Jerusalem College of Technology)      

Non-invasive magnetic stimulation of the primary motor cortex effect on the neuronal correlates of MPTP induced Parkinsonism in non-human primates


Adi Tzameret

2007-9   M.Sc.   (currently Ph.D. student, Tel-Aviv University)     

Neurophysiological and behavioral changes in dyskinetic primates following GPi stimulation


Edy Stein

2009-15   Ph.D.   (currently R&D, IBM)      

Correlations and oscillations in the basal-ganglia and their relation to motor function


Michal Israelashvili

2010-12   direct M.Sc.    

Neurophysiological and behavioral changes in the primate model of motor tics following GPi high frequency stimulation

2013-18   Ph.D. (currently Postdoc, Weizmann Institute of Science)

Neuronal encoding of motor tic in Tourette syndrome patients and in an animal model of the disorder


Dorin Yael

2010-18   MSc-PhD. (currently R&D RSIP vision)

Neurophysiological and behavioral characteristics of basal-ganglia hypo and hyperkinetic disorders

Lika Mamia

2011-13   M.Sc.   (currently R&D, Waze)   

Environmental cue detection using chronic Fast Scan Cyclic Voltammetry (FSCV) measurement of dopamine levels


Daniel Sand

2012-14   M.Sc.   (currently R&D, Elminda)    

Neuronal and behavioral changes induced by high frequency stimulation in a rat model of motor tics 


Ayala Matzner

2012-14   M.Sc.    

Detection of neuronal oscillation from spike trains of Poissonian neurons

2014-20   Ph.D. (currently R&D Medtronic)

Computational approaches to the quantification of neurophysiological and clinical changes during Parkinson's Disease


Yonatan Karash

2013-15   direct M.Sc  (currently Ph.D. student - Philosophy).

Generating tic-like behavior and tic-related neuronal activity using optical stimulation in the striatum

Tal Shahar

2014-16   direct M.Sc .  (currently Blossom-KC)

Convergence and divergence of bilateral cortico-basal ganglia information

Yocheved Loewenstern

2014-16   direct M.Sc.   (currently Ph.D. student IBG lab)

Information processing in the entopeduncular nucleus 


Yael Oran

2014-17   M.Sc. (currently Ph.D. student - Weizmann)

The role of striatal fast spiking interneurons in shaping basal ganglia activity

Esther (Vinner) Harduf

2014-20   Ph.D. (currently X-Trodes)

The neural basis of motor tic dynamics and its modulation over different timescales

​Lotem Warhaftig‏ 

2016-18   M.Sc. (currently surgical neurophysiologist)

The role of the direct and indirect cortico-basal ganglia pathways in normal and abnormal behavior

Yonit Zall

2021-23   M.Sc. (currently Claroty)

Identifying and quantifying ADHD clinical expression: A data-driven approach

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