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Izhar Bar-Gad, Ph.D.

Principle Investigator at


Katya Belelovsky, Ph.D.

Lab Manager

kbelelovsky at


Yocheved Loewenstern

Ph.D. student

yloewenstern at


Orel Tahari

Ph.D. student

orel.tahary at


Yonit Zall

M.Sc. student

za.yonit at


Kate Zinkovskaia

M.Sc. student

zinkovskayakate at


Yuval El-Hanany

M.Sc. student



Anan Moran

2005-9   Ph.D.   (currently Senior Lecturer, Tel-Aviv University, Israel)  

Neurophysiological properties of the subthalamic nucleus and their relation to their functional organization

Yaara Erez

2005-10   Ph.D.   (currently Senior Lecturer, Bar-Ilan University, Israel) 

Stimulation induced changes in the neuronal activity of the globus pallidus in parkinsonian non-human primates


Maya Bronfeld

2006-11   Ph.D.   (currently Postdoc, Fee lab, MIT, USA)

The neuronal correlates of bicuculline-induced hyperkinetic disorders in the primate cortico-basal ganglia system


Hadass (Czitron) Tischler

2006-12   Ph.D.   (currently Lecturer, Jerusalem College of Technology)      

Non-invasive magnetic stimulation of the primary motor cortex effect on the neuronal correlates of MPTP induced Parkinsonism in non-human primates


Adi Tzameret

2007-9   M.Sc.   (currently Ph.D. student, Tel-Aviv University)     

Neurophysiological and behavioral changes in dyskinetic primates following GPi stimulation


Edy Stein

2009-15   Ph.D.   (currently R&D, IBM)      

Correlations and oscillations in the basal-ganglia and their relation to motor function


Michal Israelashvili

2010-12   direct M.Sc.    

Neurophysiological and behavioral changes in the primate model of motor tics following GPi high frequency stimulation

2013-18   Ph.D. (currently Postdoc, Weizmann Institute of Science)

Neuronal encoding of motor tic in Tourette syndrome patients and in an animal model of the disorder


Dorin Yael

2010-18   MSc-PhD. (currently R&D RSIP vision)

Neurophysiological and behavioral characteristics of basal-ganglia hypo and hyperkinetic disorders

Lika Mamia

2011-13   M.Sc.   (currently R&D, Waze)   

Environmental cue detection using chronic Fast Scan Cyclic Voltammetry (FSCV) measurement of dopamine levels


Daniel Sand

2012-14   M.Sc.   (currently R&D, Elminda)    

Neuronal and behavioral changes induced by high frequency stimulation in a rat model of motor tics 


Ayala Matzner

2012-14   M.Sc.    

Detection of neuronal oscillation from spike trains of Poissonian neurons

2014-20   Ph.D. (currently R&D Medtronic)

Computational approaches to the quantification of neurophysiological and clinical changes during Parkinson's Disease


Yonatan Karash

2013-15   direct M.Sc  (currently Ph.D. student - Philosophy).

Generating tic-like behavior and tic-related neuronal activity using optical stimulation in the striatum

Tal Shahar

2014-16   direct M.Sc .  (currently Blossom-KC)

Convergence and divergence of bilateral cortico-basal ganglia information

Yocheved Loewenstern

2014-16   direct M.Sc.   (currently Ph.D. student IBG lab)

Information processing in the entopeduncular nucleus 


Yael Oran

2014-17   M.Sc. (currently Ph.D. student - Weizmann)

The role of striatal fast spiking interneurons in shaping basal ganglia activity

Esther (Vinner) Harduf

2014-20   Ph.D. (currently X-Trodes)

The neural basis of motor tic dynamics and its modulation over different timescales

​Lotem Warhaftig‏ 

2016-18   M.Sc. (currently surgical neurophysiologist)

The role of the direct and indirect cortico-basal ganglia pathways in normal and abnormal behavior

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