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Signal & Data Analysis in Neuroscience (27-505)


Second semester, 2023



14/3/2023           Signals and data in neuroscience

15/3/2023           Stochastic processes

21/3/2023           Poisson processes

22/3/2023           Single spike trains

28-29/3/2023      Multiple spike trains

Holiday - Passover

XX/XX/2023         Neural encoding

Holiday - Independence day

XX/XX/2023         Neural discrimination

​XX/XX/2023         Neural decoding

XX/XX/2023        Optimization

XX/XX/2023       Information theory

XX/XX/2023       Dimensionality reduction

XX/XX/2023       Independent component analysis (ICA)

XX/XX/2023       Clustering

XX/XX/2023       Frequency domain

XX/XX/2023       Systems

XX/XX/2023      Filters

XX/XX/2023      Spectral analysis

XX/XX/2023      Wavelets

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